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Effective management communications are quite a pressing issue for managers of any level and scale of commercial activity.

Non-effective management communications, in fact, prevent a qualitative understanding of managers and subordinates, by other words – mislead.

Without going into subtle scientific details, the first reason for misunderstanding or fuzzy perception is the managers’ lack of basic knowledge of psychology. Elementary knowledge of psychology is the basis for a qualitative understanding of the parties involved in any process of communication.

Another, not insignificant, but quite common reason is the content of the message itself, which should be perceived by subordinates in a pre-anticipated format.

But so far it is still not so prioritized compared to whom you are as a managerial person. Exactly, you are as a person. That includes a very large number of tiny but at the same time critical details.

Let’s give the following situation as an example. The head of the unit tries to show her strength defiantly, being a very weak person. For instance, she dishonestly manipulates, with an obvious application of the power towards the fear feeling formation. The manager in our example never meets subordinates in person: face-to-face meetings are intentionally avoidable for her. But at the same time, while gathering staff, she demonstrates “friendship and openness” features, which immediately disappear afterwards in everyday business routine. What could our reader say about such an example? We can meet the mentioned management style more frequently than often…

Today it is very fashioned to be a leader. Or to be called a leader. However, being a leader and at the same time managing is very difficult to achieve. Because a leader is an example and the example not demonstrative, but the example of his/her own personality, who manifests natural things and manifests them naturally.

If a manager does not have the above-discussed qualities, what might be a solution? A manager must form those effective attributes by working on them. The needed skills can be gained within individually constructed coaching programs. People are different as well as characteristics’ combinations differ from manager to manager. Therefore, efficient coaching programs, aiming the leadership and management skills formation, must be designed for every person strictly individually.

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