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Naming as Basic Element of Branding

Naming as Basic Element of Branding

Naming. It is quite a common question nowadays and that is: “Why does not every trademark become a real well-recognized brand?”.

There are several reasons for that. Primarily, these are branding errors.

What is branding? Branding is a complex marketing action aimed at converting newly created product or service into a brand.

We provide the reader here rather with the simplest explanation of a comprehensive complex of interconnected marketing processes. Naming can be considered as the initial phase of branding. Exactly naming we would like to clarify a bit.

Naming, as a marketer might guess, is a choice of name. In terms of marketing, it must be a very carefully chosen name. The process should ideally reflect the initial basis of the future brand’s positioning. Therefore, the choice of name should be selected with a full degree of responsibility.

To succeed within naming a marketer should fulfil as many discovered requirements as possible on behalf of a potential consumer.

If a company follows an undifferentiated marketing strategy, which treats all buyers, or potential buyers, as a homogeneous group. In this specific situation, a marketer can afford some versatility.
Otherwise, if the positioning of a future brand is framed in certain boundaries, then a marketer needs to follow the originally established rules of the positioning absolutely:

  1. Who is being targeted by a marketer;
  2. Whether a product/service will be exclusive or affordable;
  3. Where will a marketer present this product/service; etc?

Naming itself, as a process, is more associated with the psychology of the impact of the chosen name on a potential consumer. There are enough techniques based on which, initially, a marketer could potentially assure a successful outcome of a naming process.

Despite the availability of information on methods for creating the right name, we strongly recommend working with the experts who have gone through the entire brand creation cycle and have gained the necessary experience.

Among the main criteria for a potentially successful name to be chosen, we could mention:

  1. Audial pleasant perception.
  2. Active association. We emphasize that all possible associations should evoke only positive emotions.
  3. Pronunciation of the chosen name must not cause articulation difficulties.

We look forward to an enquiry upon naming collaboration. Be successful from the start!

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