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Business Investigations

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Discover Real Reasons

As a rule, business investigation can be initiated with the aim to discover hidden or unknown reasons, and how those aspects might affect a customer, a partnership arrangement, an internal communication etc.

But generally saying, business investigations may be brought about a greater number of possible reasons.

Due to limits of information, which may not be available to the public, and according to the specifics of the investigation process, a company will enormously benefit from experts, such as private investigators or due diligence agencies, who might look into corporate practices deeper and more objectively than the company’s personnel.

Blow the Whistle vs. Internal Business Investigation

As it is known in business, “to blow the whistle” is to tell someone in authority that there is a fact of dishonesty inside an organization. It can be perceived as moral and unmoral action at the same time. Consequences are unpredictable and harmful for any corporate culture. Factually, top management tries to avoid any business investigation without noticeable signs of “burning platform”, and quite often that delay critically impacts internal communications.

Private investigators might be retained to assist a business. The investigation services may be used on a regular basis to conduct internal business investigations invisibly, but profoundly. That will prevent a possibility of great resonance, which is very important for working atmosphere inside a business unit as well as for maintenance of positive business image formation (PR).

Business Investigation Prior Commercial Disputes

A cooperation between private investigators and lawyers can be also valuable, especially, in cases of commercial disputes. An experienced investigator can accumulate a package of objective evidences, which strengthen a company’s case. Commercial disputes are quite common (vendors, business partners). A judge or mediator pays proper attention to the preparation level of the parties involved. And business investigations initiated by a company can be  beneficial in those commercial disagreements.

Business Investigations Types

Generally, we can divide business investigations into:

1.      Background investigations

2.      Internal business investigations

3.      Other investigations

A background investigation involves pulling information from a wide variety of sources, In addition, the access to the specified information can be limited or even forbidden to the public.

There is an undoubtful advantage of using a private investigator while an internal business investigation is being conducted. As we mentioned above, it is important not “to shake” internal communications and workflows by distractive factors others than private investigators. Moreover, private investigators can be introduced as a consultant or new employee to uncover potential issues within a business structure without possible interruptions and personnel’s negative attitude.

Other investigations may consist of types’ mix involving even more comprehensive research and detailed data mining.

Investigation Service Should Be Outsourced

Practically speaking, the mentioned types of investigations are all about information. In our strongly competitive business world, that so needed competitive advantage can be also gained referring to information obtained in advance. The best plan of action is a contingency plan, and that, therefore, means to be prepared ahead of time – before a potential issue or problem arises. The prediction of possible criminal activities, executive roles’ background, suspicious behaviors, and data that surround important contract or perspective dealings are critical to any company’s success. Due to all mentioned above, business investigations are highly valuable.

A special value of internal business investigations can create a hidden but priceless add-on to all the attributes of corporate business culture as well as to formation of mutual loyalty from employees to company and vice versa.

Internal Business Investigations: SME vs. Corporate Business

Depending on the level of power centralization/decentralization, internal business investigations can be conducted at any level of an organization or in any business unit. We strongly recommend to C-level management that internal business investigations should be initiated periodically. Furthermore, it is essential to provide specific information before any corrections to a corporate strategy should be considered/re-considered/implemented. That is achievable by business investigations. 

For small or medium enterprises, it is obviously needed to investigate competitors in detail. Especially, if a company has initially chosen to operate under Red Ocean Strategy circumstances.

Making conclusion from all above: only those decision makers, who are well informed, are well equipped to face any challenge in business itself or its surrounding business environment.


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