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ABM VIP Consulting® presents Business Intelligence Publications regarding the regions of ABM VIP Consulting® Projects’ locations.

During initial stage of any scaled business investment project, ABM VIP Consulting® conducts Macro Analysis of a region where a business is planned to have been launched afterwards.

We present Scandinavia in the actual article.

Denmark. Sweden. Norway.

The Nordic Model can be briefly described by:

  • Free market capitalism
  • Social benefits, which are funded by taxpayers
  • Tax structure is based on individual income rather than household income
  • Transformative Business Models
  • Creative Destruction

Macro indicators (economics, geo-informatics) of the region are presented below.

Scandinavia, 2016: Macro Analysis

Business Intelligence Macro indicators Scandinavia

Data from database: World Development Indicators (last updated: 08/02/2017)

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