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Marketing Audit

Marketing audit ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting

The marketing audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planning process.

It is conducted not only at the beginning of the process, but also at a series of points during the implementation of the plan.

Quite often even in European SME, the marketing function is noticeably limited by the promotion materials’ production (catalogs, brochures, flyers, POS materials etc.).

It is helpful that digital marketing has been in real progress for a while. But all above-mentioned is just a part, sometimes obviously, a tiny part of essential comprehensive marketing complex of various marketing activities for attracting or penetrating a customer.

Marketing Audit

marketing audit
Marketing Audit ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting Services

Despite on the size of a business, periodical marketing audit is critically needed. As an important part of potentially successful business strategy, marketing strategy must be created with the focus on business efforts directed on the carefully chosen customer segments of the market. From those initial steps business development process factually begins.

Business development is defined as the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

So, market is under the focus again as well as always. Therefore, all marketing components of a business must be evaluated carefully, attentively, and precisely.

Marketing audit results can state or not if a business is developing.

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