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B2B Digital Strategy: Why and How?

There is no commonly understood definition of digital strategy. But we can definitely say that digital strategy

is communications efforts directed on e-mail marketing, websites, social and professional digital platforms. Therefore, it is marketing that relates to “going digital”.

Marketing System

Depending on industry, especially focusing on what marketing system business has (is it B2C or is it B2B), the rationale of digital efforts appears more clearly.

Digital Strategy is a Part of Marketing Strategy Program

As every marketing strategy (program), digital strategy focuses on improved efficiency of marketing efforts. As any marketing efforts, digital strategy forms competitive advantage.

We mentioned above that efficiency really matters. The statement assumes that quite much has to be different if there is a digital strategy for Business to Business.

Business Type

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will look like “quite an interesting producer” if all its digital activities are focused on social networks. That example underlines the fact that the most important initially to build up a correct digital strategy for appropriate type of business.


In case an organization realizes digital strategy by own human resources (IT specialists, marketing assistants) to assure that essential level of efficiency. Therefore, we strongly recommend to outsource the “construction” of digital strategy. First of all, to avoid the risk of subjective attitude of the personnel. They are mostly representatives of that social networks’ society. It means: they see digital strategy as FMCG/white goods/brown goods etc. consumers – and this is known as Business to Consumer.

Strategic Perspective for Marketing Efforts

Secondly, to create that strategic perspective for marketing efforts that leads to competitive advantage formation.

Relevant Business Analytics

Finally, to construct that correct strategy based on exact business analytics relevant for an exact type of organization, digital strategy constructed for.

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