ABM VIP Consulting® Project Management

ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting

ABM VIP Consulting® accompanies all formats of business. Cooperation with our customers is built on Project Management System. Project management is the application of our knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. It’s our strategic competency, enabling to tie project results to business goals.

ABM VIP Consulting® manages projects; subsystems and functions of project management also.

ABM VIP Consulting® services during Pre-Investment phase: Identification, Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Appraisal Report, Planning and Funding.

ABM VIP Consulting® services during Investment, Implementation, Execution phases: Negotiations and Contracting, Design, Marketing, Training.

ABM VIP Consulting® services during Exploitation, Operation phases: Expansion, Modernization and Innovation.

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