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Garbage Disposal Plants | Environmental Investment Project

Environmental Investment Project

The business project is a network consisting of five garbage disposal plants

(at the present, the technology is absent in Ukraine) on carefully selected land plots; further exploitation of the business.

Offered technology of complex processing of not sorted mixed household waste used in the given project – perspective alternative to expensive ecologically dangerous ways of processing of a firm household waste.

The technology allows to select from a lump of the arriving mixed city firm household waste to 40-45 % by weight or 80-85 % by volume of useful secondary raw materials (paper for recycling, polymers, plastics, glass, metals, textiles, etc.)and to process them in liquid production.

Business in this branch is one of the most profitable, highly remunerative and stable.

The volume of a world annual turnover in this sphere of business is more than 500 billion dollars. The carried out calculations show that capital and operational expenses for ton of a processed waste at sorting and the subsequent pressing in 5 – 6 times more low, than in case of a simple burial place on ranges, and in hundreds times more low, than at burning.

The financial model of the business projects IRR at the level of 48.8% for 100% equity financing. The payback period is forecasted after 3.8 years.

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